The Band

Current Band Members

Juancar Parlange Mario VegaDani Miralles

What is Rock ‘n’ Roll? Nobody will just call it the devil’s music. Not anymore. Too bad.

Unfortunately now people think that Rock music and Rock ‘n’ Roll are the same. Well, they are not. Rock ‘n’ Roll is bigger and much better.

HELP ME DEVILJuancar Parlange (guitar & vocals), Mario Vega (bass) and Dani Miralles (drums) – also know the difference. They hate Rock. They love Rock ‘n’ Roll. And they know much more than that.

They know that Rock ‘n’ Roll is about being young at heart, is about getting the crazy ideas out of your head and putting them into the world in the most uncorrupted, brash, uncalculated manner possible. And at the same time they know that rock ‘n’ roll is the common tradition of all the past and the beginning of everything new. A kind of folk music based on the blues. Finally they know that Rock ‘n’ Roll is a lifestyle. A crossroad. A deal with the “Big Black Man”.

In HELP ME DEVIL’s music, you will find all this… and more:
Three chords and the truth. Hasil Adkins covers (HMD recorded Hasil’s “Chicken Walk” for their first album, and “She’s Mine” for the second). Screaming vocals, vibrant black and white guitars, good old backbeat rhythms, rattling keyboards, beating hearts, sweat, love, and passion.

“If I’m going to hell I’m gonna go there playin’ my piano!” (Jerry Lee Lewis).

Additional Musicians

Julia López“Jungle” Julia Perez, stand up drummer, was a HMD member during 2011 and 2012. She played almost 50 concerts and also recorded all the drums and backing vocals on “Lokanta Hell”.

Oky Von StokyOky Von Stoky (Imperial Surfers, Kongsmen and many more), resident DJ at La Via Lactea (Malasaña), and a well known illustrator, played drums with HMD during 2013. He recorded the EP “Eddie Meets The Devil”.

Daddy Long LegsDaddy Long Legs and his blues harp are part of the Lokanta Hell album. He also sings the Hasil Adkins’s cover (“She’s mine”). Daddy Long Legs has just released his first album, “Evil Eye On You” (Norton Records).

Mario CoboMario Cobo (Mambo Jambo, Nu-Niles, The Lazy Jumpers) has played with Sonny Burgess, DJ Fontana, Billy Lee Riley, Janis Martin, Joe Clay, Glen Glenn, Dale Hawkins…..and now he has just recorded four songs with HMD for a new EP. It won’t be the last collaboration between them, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Matt Verta RayMatt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash, Speedball Baby, Madder Rose…) has produced the first two HMD albums. He also plays lead and  baritone guitars on both. Vocals on “Chicken Walk”.

Mickey FinnMickey Finn is currently the keyboard player for the legendary Left Banke and when he’s not doing that he’s the keyboard player for Jon Spencer led ‘90’s noise/punk band Boss Hog. He is also the collaborator and accompanist for author/journalist Mike Edison who bills Finn as “The World’s Greatest Piano Player”. Organ and electric piano on both HMD albums.

Tami LynnTami Lynn sang for The Rolling Stones (backing vocalist on Exile on Main St.), Dr. John, Wilson Pickett, and Sonny & Cher. She scored a Top Ten hit on the UK Singles Chart in 1971, with the song “I’m Gonna Run Away From You”. Tami’s backing vocals shine on “Free Of Your Spell” and “It’s Great To Be Here (“It’s Great To Be Anywhere)”.

Tetsuya HayakawaTetsuya Hayakawa Coming from the Tokyo Blues trash-School. Das Boot guitar, and Peelander-Z producer .He plays secret weapon guitar on “Too Much Rice, Too Little Chicken”.